About Us – Nucleus School


Welcome to Nucleus Academy Primary School (Grade I till V), which is a Project of Whizzkids. Our school enables children from the age of 5-10 to meet the challenges of an education that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. We use a wide range of styles and resources to excite, motivate and challenge our young learners to succeed. Our program is based on the UK National curriculum, which offers students a natural progression from Pre-School to junior years.

We understand choosing a primary school for your child is an important decision. Starting school is an exhilarating and important time for every child and their parents and we want it to be a happy and successful experience.


Our Staff members are committed to ensuring we get to know each child as an individual. Our aim is to encourage school children to achieve their best and to lay the foundations on which their future learning is built. We believe that children learn best when they feel secure and their activities are interesting and enjoyable.


Together we will inspire a love of learning and help all children to achieve their personal goals, now and in the future.


Our children are driven to fulfill their personal potential and have the confidence to achieve their goals.


We encourage independent thinking and problem solving across the whole curriculum.

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